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        Yang Hongjun went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidance

        Yang Hongjun and his party went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidanceOn July 20, Yang Hongjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Yang Juan, Chief Financial Officer, and Liu Difang, Chief Engineer, went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the work.Yang Hongjun and his party went to Xinjiang Pangyuan Company for research and guidanceYang Hongjun and his party&nbsp;went to Xinjiang P...

        Construction Machinery

        Construction Machinery

        The self-developed STC Serial Tower Crane is equipped with the current domestic and international cutting-edge intelligent information technology, an intelligent cockpit that integrates electronic control, monitoring, operating system and living space and the intelligent remote operation platform. Its comprehensive technology leads the development direction of the industry.

        Road Construction Machinery

        Road Construction Machinery

        The editor-in-chief unit of the design, manufacturing, use, testing and other national standards of the Asphalt Concrete Paver of China

        Steel Structure

        Steel Structure

        SCMC owns the first-class qualification of steel structure engineering professional contracting and a complete light steel and heavy steel production line. The business scope is from industrial plants, multi-high-rise steel structure buildings to large-span venues and bridge construction. Products cover industrial and civil construction, water conservancy, electric power, bridges, metallurgy, chemical, mining and other industries.

        Road Construction Contracting

        Road Construction Contracting

        Mainly engaged in the airport, municipal roads, road and bridge construction, pavement construction engineering contracting business, providing pavement construction machinery leasing, remanufacturing, spare parts sales, technical advice, pavement materials processing and sales and other comprehensive services

        Rental Service

        Rental Service

        SCMC owns "Class A Special Equipment Installation, Transformation and Maintenance License" and "Lifting Equipment Installation Engineering Professional Contracting Level One" qualification. SCMC is the one-stop comprehensive solution provider of construction engineering, energy engineering, traffic engineering and other required mechanical equipment installation, on-site operation, maintenance, disassembly and exit.




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